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Holiday Camping in the Everglades

It has been my December tradition to spend some portion of the holidays camping.  Everglades N.P. has been my go to place for the photography, incredible park atmosphere and quality of people.

This Dec., 2014 was no different, however I started off late in the day and decided to stop at Burns Lake Campground in Big Cypress National Preserve on the way down to Everglades NP.  Here are a couple pics of the campsite at sunset, various maps, lake shots and sunrise shots.

0001Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0489.jpg0002Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0496.jpg0003Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0497.jpg0004Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0505.jpg0005Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0510.jpg0006Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0512.jpg0007Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0516.jpg0008Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0521.jpg0009Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0521.jpg0010Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0524.jpg0011Josh Manring Big Cypress Burns Lake 12.24.14-IMG_0531.jpg

After a night of camping I drove across old US 41 to Homestead and down to Everglades National Park.

I only took a couple pics of my campsite as the trip was one of relaxation vs work. Also included are images of the Flamingo Campground.  I stay at Long Pine Key,  $16/night with up to 8 people and two tents, bathrooms, drinkable water but no showers.  I appreciate the natural feel of Long Pine Key with all trees, lake and secluded feel vs the openess at Flamingo (35 miles away), but there is no comparing to the mesmerizing  ocean view.

0001Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c47.25.14-IMG_0532.jpg0002Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c63.25.14-IMG_0535.jpg0003Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c46.25.14-IMG_0537.jpg0004Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c40.25.14-IMG_0538.jpg0005Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c39.25.14-IMG_0539.jpg0006Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c71.25.14-IMG_0543.jpg0007Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c86.25.14-IMG_0544.jpg0008Josh Manring Everglades NP 12-c75.25.14-IMG_0545.jpg

Okaloacoochee Photo Excursion w/ Seth and Ari

Seth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6044.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6054.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6130.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6185.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6245.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6264.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6284.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6321.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6380.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6389.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6406.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6443.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6448.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6454.jpgSeth Journeyman Photography Okaloacoochee-6458.jpg
Myself, good friend, Seth and his son Ari ventured on a photo/nature excursion to Spirit of the Wild and Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest.  We had an amazing day experiencing nature at its finest. We encountered almost 50 species of birds, everything from the gorgeous American Kestrel to the rare Caracara . Attached are a few pics by Seth and a video he took of us plowing through a trail underwater.