Josh Manring, a photographer, explorer, naturalist, and author residing in Costa Rica captures rich stories through images that reveal the intersecting juxtaposition of humans and nature. His images introduce you to landscapes and cultures few ever experience so closely. Since 1998, Josh has explored over 65 countries, published numerous photographic books, produced the CAPTIVATED Image Film Series, has been awarded membership to the acclaimed Explorers Club, and is the founder and owner of the Journeyman Photography Gallery.

Josh’s formal training in 35mm picture taking and dark room development dates back over 20 years ago to The Governor’s Academy, the oldest boarding school in the United States. The artistic seed and medium for expression was planted. His respective passion for photography and travel exploration converged on his first journey to Western Europe following graduation from Rollins College, 1998. This trip energized an initial foundation of photography and exploration. However, an inspirational yearlong expedition to South America and Africa, 2003-04, compelled Josh to share his stories. These narratives, conveyed via artistic images, are the purest reflection of his travel experiences.

In 2005, Josh opened the Journeyman Gallery, the catapulting vehicle to selling and promoting his photographic art. Josh relished the opportunity to assist in the creation of many artists’ exhibitions and his own, engaging the community and the challenge to build a business. However, his desire to discover new horizons was stronger than the confines of four walls and a roof.  Therefore, Josh spent much of 2009-2012 capturing new images and stories.

Since 2012, Josh has evolved to embrace the privilege of owning a business while incorporating the ability to travel and photograph. His passion calls him to experience and explore at least one new country a year while enjoying time in Florida to deepen his roots and develop his business within the community and abroad.

Through photography, Josh not only shares his own journeys, but also hopes to inspire others to explore their own passions. JourneymanGallery.com and JoshManring.com are portals to experience a visual glimpse into Josh’s artistic world and stay up-to-date with his latest news and contact him.

From the Artist

As a photographer and gallery owner, what characterizes my work is my vision and perspective.  I live to share with you a moment in time and bring it to you in the most tangible form of an experience and story – a photograph.  Although I travel to unique and remote places around the world, I most enjoy being at home in my own backyard of the Florida Everglades and Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, taking photographs and sharing my experiences.

My vision is constantly changing with each new experience.  My goal of traveling to one new country a year invigorates my spirit in the hopes to live and breathe new landscape and culture.  What I bring to you is a moment in time that will never be recreated.

— Josh Manring