CUBA: Street Level Photographs





CUBA – Street Level Photographs is a story in pictures of the Cuban people and their country. It records my travels, by bus, in January 2009 from coast to coast, beginning in Havana, then to Vinales, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and finally, Baracoa.

These documentary images combine the immediacy and vitality of photojournalism with a flare of fine art. I attempt to seize unguarded moments in the lives of the Cuban people, and to capture Cuba’s lively cityscapes and raw landscapes. Many of the images are candid, while others are consciously composed using the available light to create a more artistic shot.

Several images were collected using a shutter release cable, which allows me to take photos while appearing to be a passer-by on the street. The camera hangs around my neck at stomach level, with the shutter release cable attached. I activate the shutter release using a button hidden in my pocket, to record the moment in all its spontaneity. I used the Canon 5D, as well as the smaller Canon G10 for more discreet situations.