Fine Art Exhibits

Fine art exhibits are Josh’s formal photography exhibits and the vehicle for displaying and selling his original prints. Individually-selected images comprise the portfolio representing the larger theme of an exhibit. The exhibits are available for placement domestically within the US or internationally. Please contact the Journeyman Photography Gallery for logistical information. Images from the portfolio exhibits are intended to be purchased as limited-edition numbered prints or open-edition prints. Also, Josh has published books and the CAPTIVATED Image Film Series that complement the fine art exhibits. The images are also available in various other mediums for design applications as Décor Art.

Sizes & Prices

Full Product List

Limited Edition Prints

12×18 – 40×60

Paper Open Edition Prints

11×14 – 20×30
$40 – $95

Aluminum Open Edition Prints

12×18 – 48×100

Acrylic Open Edition Prints

12×18 – 40×60
$200 – $1800

PVC Open Edition Prints

12×18 – 40×60
$150 – $1400

Wood Open Edition Prints

12×18 – 24×36
$175 – $700

Canvas Open Edition Prints

12×18 – 40×60
$150 – $1400

Framed Photography

4×6 – 20×30
$20 – $250

Limited Edition Prints

Numbered and signed prints on 100% archival museum rag cotton paper.  The texture, reproduction of color and detail that are exquisite.  Prints are numbered 1-10 and are Josh’s originals.  Limited Edition Prints are the primary choice of art lovers and investors alike.  The prints are sold unframed or framed.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are signed and available on a variety of mediums.  The standard open edition prints are available on aluminum panels, wood panels, acrylic panels, wall murals and photographic paper quality prints.  The beauty of the open edition prints is they can be customized to your size and medium.  If you take the time to customize your own open edition prints, they can be as original, or in some regards, more original than limited edition signed prints.

Décor Art

Images offered on a variety of mediums and different sizes are ideal for interior design – available  here.