Décor Art

Images by Josh Manring are available on a variety of mediums for interior design applications in home, business, and commercial locations. Décor art can be searched by category or location, and is customizable to the  size and medium: aluminum panels (standard), wood panels, acrylic panels, wall murals and/or standard prints. Inquire about sizes and prices via the contact page. Josh also offers limited edition prints.


Aluminum Panels

Aluminum panels consist of a frameless display system where a laminated photographic print is mounted onto an aluminum panel. Aluminum panels are a modern contemporary finished piece of art ready to install with self-leveling hangers.

Multi-Panel Images

An aluminum panel image can be made into a multi-panel design.

For example, take a 40×60 image and break it down into four 20×30 pieces. Each individual panel would be 25% of the original image. Instead, the image could be broken down into disproportionate sized pieces, one 20×60 and two 20×30 pieces to complete the original 40×60 image. There are many possibilities – this is great for larger designs.

Wood Prints

Wood panels have inks printed directly to the highest grade birch wood. The printed image fuses with the natural grain of the wood that is 100% unique and original. They have a beautiful matte finish and no post-coat lacquer and the treatment process enhances the durability of the wood prints, making them moisture and heat resistant. The wood panels themselves are self-hanging and do not need to be framed.

Acrylic Panels

Acrylic Panels are a glossy high quality substitute for traditional framed and unframed canvas images. The panels are face mounted acrylic, 1/4″ thick, and comes with a sturdy EZ French Cleat Hanger so you can choose to hang the photo on a wall vs. displaying the photo on a flat surface.

  • Glossy smooth surface
  • ¼” thick grade “A” acrylic
  • Hand polished crystal clear edges
  • EZ Wall Hanging included

Wall Art Murals

Adhesive fabric that mounts to the wall. This product is used as a medium to reproduce an image creating a mural or wall art. It could also be used as wallpaper but much different in that it is fabric based material, easy to mount and easy to remove. Size is 100% customizable.

Canvas Prints

Canvas is a great way to reproduce paintings, not as much for photographs. The rationale is simple: images placed on canvas look like paintings. Images placed on photographic paper look like photographs. Josh is happy to print most any image on canvas to meet the client’s desires.